Tag Tuesday: Reputation Book Tag

Well, I’ve done the other Taylor Swift tags, so it only makes sense that I do this one now! Per usual: I wasn’t tagged! But, this is my favorite album that T-Swizzle has put out, so, I kinda had to do this. This tag was created by Liv @ Liv’s Books. Okie dokie, let’s get started!

1. …Ready For It? | What is a book that you were super excited to read?


Bridge of Clay by: Markus Zusak. I mean, I don’t really need to go into this one, do I? Like, me just saying “WAITED SEVEN YEARS” gets the point across enough, right? Okay, cool!

2. Endgame | What are some of your OTPs?

My #1 OTP will always be Pynch. Close second right now is probably MiaxAshlinn. And then third is most likely DannyxColton. They’re all my precious baes. And they all better be LEFT ALONE!!!!

3. I Did Something Bad | Name a book with morally gray characters.


Geek Love by: Katherine Dunn is SUCH a MESSED UP book. And the main reason, mostly, is because the characters are SO MESSED UP. But, even with that being said, you become so wrapped up in their journey, and their relationships. They really do entrap you. It was such a fascinating read. I really need to go back and reread it.

4. Don’t Blame Me | What’s a book that you recommend to everyone?


Code Name Verity by: Elizabeth Wein. Um, again, do I really need to go into this? I’m pretty sure I covered it all in my epically long post about this book/series, which you can check out here. So, yea, just go read that if you want more info because, I’m really out of words when it come to talking about this book. I used em all up. They gone. Kaput.

5. Delicate | What is a book that you will never loan to anyone?

If it’s got an author’s signature in it? YOU AIN’T TOUCHING IT. This goes double for if it’s signed AND personalized. Like, just, NO. NOOOOOO TOUCHY.

6. Look What You Made Me Do | What is a book that got you into reading/ gateway book?


Well, I’ve honestly been an avid reader my entire life. So, I guess the answer to this would be the first book I ever read on my own, which would be Is Your Mama a Llama? by: Deborah Guarino. It’s about a baby llama. It’s cute.

7. So It Goes… | What is a book that sucked you into a particular author or series?


The League series by: Sherrilyn Kenyon is was got me into reading adult romance novels. Now some of my all time favorite series, and characters, and authors are from the adult romance world. So, I’ll forever be thankful to her, and her MANY (sooo many) series, for that.

8. Gorgeous | Name a book with a beautiful cover.


I know I’ve talked about the hardcover edition of The Price Guide to the Occult by: Leslye Walton on here before. But have I mentioned the paperback??? Like, zomahgoodness?!? It is the beauty!!! AND THE GRACE!!!

9. Getaway Car | What is a book you’ve read with crime involved in some aspect?


The Hangman’s Daughter series by: Oliver Pötzsch!!! UGH!!! I never hear anyone talk about this series!!! But it’s so good!!! It’s historical fiction, romance, and crime thriller ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! And they make illustrated editions!!!! Quit sleeping on this series people!!!

10. King Of My Heart | Who is your book boyfriend/ girlfriend?

Ashlinn Järnheim is my WIFEEEEE!!!!

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied | What is a book that made you want to dance around when you finished it?


Definitely Check, Please! by: Ngozi Ukzau!!! IT’S SO FREAKIN’ CUTE, Y’ALL!!!!

12. Dress | Name a book character you want to trade wardrobes with.


Theta Knight from The Diviners series by: Libba Bray! I’m all about that 20’s aesthetic, and Theta is such a badass bombshell. Gimme all her clothes!

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things | What is a problematic book you’ve read?


The Saga comics by: Brian K. Vaughn. Now, I kinda fell off the wagon with these before they started being problematic, but I’ve heard TERRIBLE things about what the series does in regards to queer representation in later volumes. So, needless to say, I won’t be continuing this series.

14. Call It What You Want | What is a book you wish you could change the title to?


Definitely Night Pleasures by: Sherrilyn Kenyon. Like, come on!!!! That sounds like straight-up porn!!! There’s no avoiding awkward stares in public with a title like that!!! And the later titles for the series get so much better!!! Like, Bad Moon Rising? That’s an AWESOME TITLE!!! But nah, we gotta start off with the cringe titles. Ugh.

15. New Year’s Day | What book that gave you a fresh outlook on life?


Slaughterhouse Five by: Kurt Vonnegut will always be one of my all-time faves because of how much it taught me about SO MANY things. Politics, history, war, humanity, right vs. wrong, literary theory, and a BUNCH more. It really is a spectacular book, and really is a classic everyone should read.


Well that was fun! I really liked these questions! Now, what about y’all? How would you answer any of these questions? What’s your favorite song off of Reputation? Mine is probably either “Don’t Blame Me” or “Getaway Car.” I tag anyone who loves Taylor to do this tag! Go forth, do the thing!!!!


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