Tag Tuesday: Me In Book Characters Tag

I’ve seen this tag floating around for forever, and have been wanting to do it for forever, but never got around to it. Most recently, I saw Kat @ Life and Other Disasters do this tag, and I guess it just lit the fire under my butt, so heeeerrrreeee weeeee areeeeee! This tag was created by Ash & Lo @ Windowsill Books, so go check them out! Okie dokie, let’s do this!!!


1.) James Morgan from Ballad by: Maggie Stiefvater.

James is the CLOSEST I’ve ever come to seeing my OCD and anxiety represented in a character. From the way that it presents, to the way he copes with it, just, so much of it is so similar to my own experience. Especially the way that he uses sarcasm, and writing on himself, as coping mechanisms. Those are things that I’ve also relied on at one time or another, and it was just, so validating to see on the page.


2.) Colin Singleton from An Abundance of Katherines by: John Green.

Much like Colin, as a child I was put into a sub-set of children that were considered “special.” In our particular case, we were called “gifted.” We were told all growing up that we were so much more advanced than the other kids our age, so much smarter, and it really imbedded this idea in our minds that we WERE “special.” But then we grew up. By the time we got to high school, we realized this wasn’t the case. We weren’t smarter than the other kids. We weren’t more “special” than them. We just happened to pick things up quicker than them when we were smaller. But now, everyone had caught up, and we didn’t know how to cope with being just like everyone else, after being “special” for so long. This was a huge part of Colin’s story in this book, and it really resonated with me, and again, made me feel so validated. It’s something that SO MANY kids go through, and I wish it was talked about more. Because it SUCKS.


3.) Elizabeth Frankenstein from The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by: Kiersten White.

I won’t go into too much detail here, as I have a full review for this book scheduled for posting closer to the release date, but I will say this: this book deals with the topic of toxic/abusive relationships. Elizabeth, for almost the entirety of this book, finds herself in one, and it struggling with how to deal with it. As someone who spent years of their life in such a relationship, this was so incredible to see, and see it done SO WELL. So often in YA, we see these kinds of relationships romanticized, and it’s terrible. But here, White made sure that we never viewed this relationship as anything other than toxic, and damaging, and dangerous. I really can’t express how much I appreciate her doing this, and giving this topic the respect, and attention, that it deserves.


4.) Adam Parrish from The Raven Cycle by: Maggie Stiefvater.

Adam Parrish is a character I relate to on so many levels. His drive to be the best (even when it’s damaging), his stubbornness, his perfectionism, his smart-mouth, how loyal he is to his friends, how he over-thinks things, and so much more. He’s a very flawed character, and I’m a very flawed human, and it was (here it comes again) so validating to see that. To see those flaws laid out there, just as is, not romanticized or down-played, and to still be able to sympathize and like this character. I also mentioned in my Pride Flag Book Tag post, which you can check out here, that I got so much validation from seeing him go through such similar experiences with his sexuality, as I did. He’s one of my most precious and beloved characters. I’m forever grateful to Maggie for him.


5.) Calixte from Strange the Dreamer by: Laini Taylor.

For context:

Now [Ebliz Tod] said to [Calixte], with utmost condescension, “Dear girl, your credulity is as vast as this desert. One might get lost in it and never again encounter fact or reason.”

*Thirty pages later*

“Hey, Todd, am I really seeing this?” he heard [Calixte] call. “Or am I lost in my vast credulity? And, a moment later: “What are you doing here, Todd? Don’t you know it’s rude to wonder about in someone else’s credulity?” And then: “Is this fact or reason I’m encountering? Wait, no, it’s more demon bones.”

This is the most #MeAF thing EVER. I swear to God. Like, if anyone EVER tries to make a big deal about me being stupid, or wrong about something, and it turns out I’m actually right? OH MAN. There is NOTHING on this green Earth that can save you.


So, there you have it! Those are the characters I relate to the most! Now, what about y’all? What characters do you most relate to? Do you also relate to any of the characters I mentioned? Lemme know down in the comments!

I tag anyone who has yet to do this tag to do it! Go forth, do the thing!


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